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So why do we?

During the World Cup I have been an England supporter (but I have been watching the referees as I am one of us!)

This morning I was interested to find that the Columbians were less than impressed with the referee for the match!

They (the Columbians) thought that the referee – being American – was biased against them.  It is funny that the English pundits thought he was biased against England!

So I am left with the questions: who would be a referee and why?

I thought the referee was weak (but I’ve never refereed a World Cup match) perhaps he was doing as he’d been told – either explicitly or not – and not sending anyone off.  Perhaps he felt that none of the incidents represented a red card offence.  Perhaps I’m being a biased Englishman thinking that the Columbian deserved a red card!

However, it does leave me with the questions: who would be a referee and why?

What can we learn, as we get ready for the new season?

I think the first thing is when a team wins you are the best referee in the world (and the converse is true: when they lose you are the worst!)

The second thing we can learn is: give what YOU see and don’t listen to supposed experts (like me).  Sometimes it’ll be correct and other times it’ll be wrong!

The third thing to learn concerns what you should read and not read.

Do NOT read any reports of the match! I know this from bitter experience.

The teams are not interested in you! They are only interested in winning (and so they should be) and we are only interested in ensuring that fair play rules.

But I’m still asking the questions “who’d be a referee and why?”

Why do I ask those questions? If we know why we referee, we should be a better referee.

And also we have to ask these questions with all of our decisions: do I want to win this battle? Will this battle win me the war? If the answer to both is “yes”, then stand your ground and ensure fair play wins the day; if the answer to the first question is “yes” but it will create a war is that something you want?

Of course, the second answer could be “no it doesn’t win me the war but it puts me on the way to winning it.”  Then you have to do your job.

And I have to tell you that you will have games where the answers are sometimes different! What I mean by that is: on Saturday the answer is YES, on Sunday the answer will be NO.

That’s called experience!

I’m still asking the question “who’d be a referee and why?”

And the answer is I DON’T KNOW!

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