Who is the Renegade Ref?

The Renegade Ref

Jeff the Renegade Ref addressing an RA recently

Started refereeing in 1983 on the Woolwich & District Sunday Football League and the South London Alliance. In his first game he sent two players off for fighting and wondered what he had let himself in for!

Throughout his career Jeff was an active member of the Woolwich RA and filled the roles of Training Officer, Chairman and Secretary

Jeff progressed through the London Spartan League; the Isthmian League (where he was the Chairman of the Match Officials Association)

Jeff spent 9 seasons on Football League line, 5 Seasons as a Conference Referee and 4 seasons on Premiership Line

Jeff retired in 2000 to concentrate on growing his business – A & H International

This season he’s started a weekly newsletter crammed full of hints and tips from his 17 years as a referee

Through his refereeing and his desire to understand that better Jeff is now an accomplished Sports Psychologist who has got 4 golfers on the European Tour, including coaching Scott Drummond to be the 2004 PGA Champion. This was the first time since Arnold Palmer that a rookie has won the title

He is also a FA Licensed Referee Instructor and was Training Officer for Premier & Football League Match Officials (South-East Region)

Jeff’s refereeing activity is now confined to standing on the touchline where he is Director of the Charlton Athletic Referees Academy

In its first seven seasons, the Charlton academy has produced one Football League referee, two Football League assistant referees and three contributory league referees

Jeff’s current refereeing goal is to produce an English World Cup Final Referee

6 comments on “Who is the Renegade Ref?

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I been refereeing a long time now nearly 30 years & have seen quite a few changes over the years as you probably have, but there’s one thing that never changes that’s good communication skills, could you please do a piece on how good communication is vitaly important when officiating at all levels of the game as bad communication could signify a bad refereeing i.e. not confirming your game with the home team, or your chief county assessor who of course needs to know where your refereeing otherwise he can’t send out an assessor to assess you if your going for promotion or everything else to do with communicating as a referee. Thanks

    From Peter Stimpson (Level 6 Official) from Oxfordshire f.a.

  2. Hi Jeff, I always your blog The renegade with interest & loved the piece on clean & Polished I’m one of the referees who’s boots And footwear is always clean & tidy, I once saw a young referee at the Oxfordshre fa referees academy wearing Yellow Boots & thought how does he keep them clean, then he saw my boots, Black ,clean 7 Polished, even the laces & was told by the head of the academy that’s what colour boots you wear Black & you always keep them clean & polished for every game you do no matter what game it is.

  3. A level 6 county FA referee, currently officiating mainly youth football in the West Lancashire Area. Seeking to promote my refereeing career to officiate in the professional game. It would be much appreciated to gain the best advice and guidance to get on the right pathway.
    best regards,

  4. Hi Jeff:
    I’m a District Referee in the Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) area and thoroughly enjoy your articles. Each one I’ve read provides a great insight to the game. Its nice to read articles about refereeing done in the educational manner you present. The instances you point out make perfect sense and are great reminders for all referees. The topics you talk about help me to be a better referee and I work to implement them in my game, i.e. the flow, one’s appearance etc. Thank you so much for doing this, I’ll continue to read your articles and keep improving my game, and encourage other referees to do the same.

    • Don,

      Thanks for the kind words – I was lining over the weekend so I started another newsletter which I will complete tonight – I hope!

  5. Just wanted to know your thoughts on the ever increasing foul throws that are now common place in professional and lower league football, for example the Reading winner v Blackburn on 17/12/16 is beyond anything Ihave seen for a long time, is it time to change the law on throw in, while I no longer referee IDo frequently line for a Saturday and Sunday side and find it frustrating how so few are punished

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