The Renegade Ref thinks they are all seriously injured

Today I got a call from a guy called Gavin, I will not give you is surname.  He is a medical man who attends our injured players when they need attention – so I would call him the “Bucket Man” but today they are so much more.

On the phone he spoke about referees who caution a player for a challenge and then see if the injured player is ok!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think all injuries are life threatening and deal with them first!

If the player is “having you on” that’s okay because the other side of it is you going home and thinking “if only I’d have called Gavin on sooner…”

Below is a blog on how match officials and medical staff, particular the physio, could work more efficiently together.



I refer to recent comments regarding referees and agree overall they do an excellent job. However they leave us physio’s frustrated by their decisions.

I still experience the same issues that occurred when I first started in football mainly when a player is injured on the field of play. There is still a lack of protocol and procedure and this leaves me frustrated.

When a player requires treatment, usually following a foul, the referee will usually speak to the offending player and this can result in a caution or a sending off.

This usually happens before he assessed the injured player to see if he requires medical attention. Surely the referee can call us on and caution the player at the same time?

Whilst I am in position waiting to be called on to the field of play, usually standing on the touchline and in line with the injured player I have to wait for the referees signal to either run on or to be told the receiving player is ok. The referees usually don’t look to the touchline instead they look to the dug-out.

This results in confusion which could be avoided if a standardised protocol is followed with standardised signals used when being called on or told that the player is ok and I am not required.

As well as the physio being in the correct position (in line with the injured player) waiting for the standardised signal, I think the referee should worry about the welfare of the player first.

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